Monday, May 24, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Here's what we have on tap for this week:

Sunday: Beer Can Chicken, corn on the cob, salad (We didn't have beer can chicken two weeks ago because I forgot to thaw the chicken!)
Monday: Spaghetti, garlic bread, salad
Tuesday: Broccoli Casserole (with chicken)
Wednesday: Southwest rollups (we have a TON of these from freezer cooking day last month)
Thursday: Tom's Surprise 30th Birthday Dinner (those of you who know him probably have an idea of what some of the ingredients are going to be). I'll post the recipes next week on the off-chance that he might read this blog sometime this week ;)
Friday: Jim 'N Nick's!!! (One of our good friends from PA is coming to visit so of course we have to hit up our favorite Southern BBQ restaurant!)
Saturday: Snacks, hors devours, high gravity beer (we're having a High Gravity sampling party since Mike is in town....and maybe to celebrate Tom's birthday!)

Be sure to check out Menu Plan Monday over at Org Junkie's website. Over 300 bloggers link up which means lots of new recipes and ideas!

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