Saturday, March 30, 2013

Deal of the Week: Kmart - This is one lucky baby!

Yeah, I meant to type Kmart. I know, not one of my usual deal stores. Not one of my usual stores to be honest! I printed out a few good Fisher Price coupons a while back and had been waiting to find a good deal at Target to use them. Unfortunately, Target never came through, but I was browing a few frugal blogs today and saw there were some deals to be had at Kmart!!

Spent $42
Saved $54
Received $5 Kmart Giftcard

The puppy ride toy itself is usually $50!  I got it for $15 :D  It was on sale for 50% off and then I had a $10 off coupon.  The other toys were on sale too, and I had $5 in Fisher Price coupons that I used on them as well.  Baby B has some Christmas and first birthday presents stockpiled already! 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Deal of the Week: CVS

Not a bad trip today, although some of my coupons got mixed up and didn't come off, but I still think I got some good deals!!

Spent $15.28
Saved $61.93
Received $14 in ECB's

18 bars of soap
Clear men's shampoo & conditioner
Purex (I've still been making and using homemade detergent but it never hurts to have some on hand)
Renu contact solution
Degree men's deodorant
Gillette Venus razor
Crest toothpaste
Simple facewash
Simple face wipes

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Deals of the Week: Target & CVS

I went to CVS and Target this weekend and scored some really good deals. 

Spent $8.80
Saved $27
Submitting for Lysol Try me Free rebate

Spent $5.34
Saved $28.85
Received $10 in ECB's and coupon for free contact solution

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Deal of the Week: CVS

I haven't been to CVS for a while and I had some ECB's that were expiring soon, so I made a quick trip today.  I was bummed because I had let $6 in ECB's expire, but to my pleasant surprise, I found out my CVS accepts expired ECB's today! I'm glad I asked!  Excuse the Poise feminine product, but CVS basically paid me $3 to buy it ($2 in overage and $1 ECB).

Spent $7.80
Saved $33.47
Received $13 in ECB's