Saturday, March 30, 2013

Deal of the Week: Kmart - This is one lucky baby!

Yeah, I meant to type Kmart. I know, not one of my usual deal stores. Not one of my usual stores to be honest! I printed out a few good Fisher Price coupons a while back and had been waiting to find a good deal at Target to use them. Unfortunately, Target never came through, but I was browing a few frugal blogs today and saw there were some deals to be had at Kmart!!

Spent $42
Saved $54
Received $5 Kmart Giftcard

The puppy ride toy itself is usually $50!  I got it for $15 :D  It was on sale for 50% off and then I had a $10 off coupon.  The other toys were on sale too, and I had $5 in Fisher Price coupons that I used on them as well.  Baby B has some Christmas and first birthday presents stockpiled already! 

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