Saturday, September 14, 2013

Another Awesome Baby Sale

My friend and I hit up another church baby rummage sale today!  We're kind of obsessed.  We both left our recently fed, sleeping babies with our husbands and stood in the already super long line before 8 am.  (Side note this is the same friend I went to the last baby sale with, and our boys were born on the same day).

I'm not going to link up everything just because I don't have that much spare time. I shouldn't even waste time looking up the retail value for everything but I'm a little obsessive and quite curious!  I spent a hefty $72....yikes! I'm going to guess retail is around $700...let's see if I'm right!

What I paid for the item is the first number, retail cost is in parentheses.

$10 ($80) Fisher Price Papasan vibrating chair
$3 ($45) Stride Rite Shoes
$3 ($20) Osh Kosh B'gosh Shoes
$3 ($15) Ministar turtle soft sole shoes
$5 ($42) Fisher Price Crib Rainforest soother
$5 ($22) Munchkin Wipe Warmer
$4 ($109) Lily & Serena Sling
$2 ($10) Melissa & Doug Puzzle
$2 ($13) Melissa & Doug Sound Puzzle
$0.50 ($15) Eddie Bauer carseat mirror
$2 ($11) Circo Wooden Train Shapes
$2 ($12) Baby Mozart DVD
$2 ($19) Interlocking foam floor mat (numbers)
$1 ($5) Stacking cups
$3 ($17) Carters crab Romper
$3 ($18) Carters striped romper (new with tags)
$3 ($18) Carters striped romper (new with tags)
$3 ($9) Carters sleeper (new with tags)
$5 ($16) 4 piece Carters outfit (long sleeve onesie, vest, long sleeve T, pants)
$3 ($13) Carters short sleeve romper
$0.25 ($7) Carters short sleeve romper
$0.25 ($8) Carter's long sleeve onesie
$0.25 ($12) Carters long sleeve microfleece sleep sack
$0.25 ($20) Gymboree one piece long sleeve outfit
$3  ($20) Carter's Hooded Winter Bear One Piece
The below toys are for my EI (Early Intervention) toy bag since I'm going to be seeing kids in their home:
$0.50 ($20) Whirley Rainmaker Shaker toy
$0.50 ($15) Playskool Duck crawl toy
$0.50 ($7) Fisher Price Ring Stacker
$2 (~$10) 6 various rattles (came together in a bag - $10 is an estimate)

Spent $72
Retail Value: $608 (approximate)

Not my best trip ever - but not too shabby!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Deal of the Week: Jewel

I ran into Jewel earlier this week to grab a few great deals.  Adam was a champ and chilled in the bjorn the whole time.  And I am totally that person that has a conversation with their infant in the grocery store. 

Spent $9.04
Saved $34.05
3 boxes of Puff's
4 bags of croutons
2 Febreze Air Effects
1 Blue Dawn
1 package of baking cups
6 packets of gravy mix
2 packets of ranch mix
6 pouches of tuna
2 pouches of salmon
2 cans of tomatoes

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Deal of Last Week: Baby Deals

Last week we went to another baby consignment sale. It wasn't as amazing as the baby garage sale back in May (although there is another one coming up next week!! I'm so excited and hope it's just as awesome), but we picked up a few items for Adam. 

Sorry the pic is so dark.  For $20, we got a warm winter cover-up, a super cute 3 piece winter outfit (complete with a little vest!!), a giraffe costume for halloween, a pacimal, and an old school shape sorter (I had the same one growing up).