Sunday, May 12, 2013

Deal of the Week: Baby Garage Sale Haul!!!

If you read my regular blog, you already saw my awesome deals I got at this Children's Garage Sale this weekend.  I was lying on the couch last night thinking, I wonder what the retail value of everything I bought was. My pre-research guess is about $500.

There are about a million other things I could be doing right now but I thought this sounded like more fun!  Ok, here is a pic of the goods.  

Some of the items are no longer available in stores and can only be bought on ebay, craigslist, or used on Amazon, so I put the average used price (plus shipping) of these items.  Retail cost of the item is the first number, what I paid for it is in parentheses. 

$70 ($15) Bjorn carrier
$58 ($2) Skip Hop Duo diaper bag
$30 ($1) Pottery Barn Kids Chamois stroller blanket
$19 ($1) Sophie the Giraffe
$20 ($1) Halo Sleep Sack (Medium)
$10 ($1) Fisher Price Shape Sorter
$20 ($1) Leap Frog Alphabet Pal
$20 ($1) Leap Frog Spin and Sing ($43 on Amazon! yikes!)
$7 ($0.25) O ball
$20 ($1) Medela Pump and Save bags (20 pack)
$15 ($1) Playskool Duck crawl toy
$7 ($0.25) Sassy Pop and Push Car
$5 ($0.50) Black/White Day/Night Opposite Book
$25 (free!) Robeez Slip On Puppy Shoes
$20 ($1) Carter's Dream Cozy Fleece Dinosaur Sleeper
$10 ($0.25) Mini Rainmaker Shaker Toy
$9 ($2) Gerber baby hats (4 pack)
$4 ($0.50) Sesame Street Ernie's Touchdown book
$4 ($0.50) Disney Nemo Opposites Board Book
$4 ($1.50) 3 pack Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse mini books
$4 ($0.50) Dr. Seuss's ABC board book
$15 ($1) VTech Move and Crawl Ball

I couldn't find these exact models/items so I estimated cost based on more recent items/similar items (If anything I underestimated price):
$25 ($3) Fisher Price activity mat
$10 ($1) Lands End boys fleece zip up sleeper (new with tags)
$12 ($0.25) First Moments Baseball Onesie/creeper
$8 ($0.25) Long Sleeve snowman onesie
$7 ($1) Zip up sleeper - Zoo print
$25 ($2) Little Me Baseball button up shirt, undershirt, and hat
$7 (free) Baby Crinkle Book
$5 ($0.25) Baby Einstein Teether Book
$2 (free) Random baby toy
$12 (free) Soft sole blue shoes with red car
$10 ($1) Infant plaid pants

For a grand (retail) total of..................$519!!!!! 
And I spent $42 (plus $1 admission) = $43
AND I got 3 free stuffed animals for Bailey :D
A 92% savings!!!!!

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