Monday, March 24, 2014

Deal of the week: CVS

This was a quick trip last week.  I spent more than I had planned but had a bunch of ECB's that were expiring.  Ignore the mess behind the goods ;) Things have been a little crazy as of late!

Spent $32.04
Saved $92.13
Received $14 in ECB's

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Deal of the Week: Target

Ran into Target last night for a few things!! 

Spent $12.74
Saved $20.14
2 boxes of pasta
3 jars of pasta sauce
2 Kraft Recipe Makers (these are really good, but you are basically paying for convenience as they only have a few flavor additions.  I only "buy" them when I can get them for free)
2 packages of lunch meat
3 bags of shredded cheese
1 bag of frozen carrots
1 ream of printer paper