Saturday, February 25, 2012

Deal of the Week: Target shopping

I have a new favorite thing to do on Saturday afternoons....go to Target. There's been some good deals to be had lately by combining manufacturer coupons with Target coupons. Here is last week's haul, including a few groceries and a clearance shirt for me :) Grocery shopping is always better when you can leave with a new shirt!
Spent $15.70
Saved $25.69

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Deal of the Week: Wine? Yes please!

There was an awesome wine deal at CVS this week which resulted in 6 bottles of wine for $0.78 each after discount and rebate!! I took a gamble waiting to go until later in the week, thinking most people don't waste their time with rebates so there would be plenty left. Wrong. I bought the last 6 bottles at my local CVS!
Spent $33.24
Submitting for$25 rebate
Total $8.24 (including tax) after rebate for 6 bottles of wine

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Deal of the Week: Friday Fun Dominicks Deals

I stopped in at Dominicks on the way home from work on Friday to grab a couple of deals.
Spent $30
Saved $29
Submitting for $4 rebate from the champagne

Saturday, February 4, 2012

More Deals of the Week: Jewel & CVS...again

Jewel was having their awesome Double Coupon event last Sunday through Wednesday. They would only double 5 coupons per day, so I went once each day. (Luckily it's on the way to/from work and very close to the apartment)! Here are my totals from Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday!

Spent $15.73
Saved $45.39

I also went back to CVS because I found another good deal I couldn't pass up!
Spent $4.44 (On giftcard, so $0 OOP)
Saved $17.22
Received $6 ECB
Submitting for $5 Colgate/Palmolive rebate

Friday, February 3, 2012

Deal of the Week: Target Trip

I went back to Target this week and scored some awesome deals. Bought: 3 bags of Iams dogfood (which were free with coupons), 2 Lipton pasta sides (I tried looking for the Buffalo Chicken variety that was pictured on the coupon, but they didn't have it), 3 Vicks Vapoinhalers, 3 Coffeemates (I grabbed a fat-free one by mistake...barf), 1 pair of sweatpants (Only $2 after coupon!!), and one 2-pack of baby pants ($1.90 on clearance, my coworker just had a baby and realized she had a ton of newborn onesies but no pants to go with them!!)
Spent $10.76
Saved $27
Received $5 GC