Wednesday, May 19, 2010

100 Frugal Tips in 100 Days: Tip # 41

Tip # 41 Combine the last 5 tips when making big purchases online!

Whenever you need to pay a lot of money for something online (plane tickets, vacations, or you finally saved up enough money to buy that new computer), follow these simple steps.
  1. First go through a cashback site (Even 1% cashback on $1000 is $10 for free!)
  2. Search for any additional discounts (A lot of times you can get something like $50 off a purchase over $500 or 15% off your total purchase, etc)
  3. Make the purchase using a credit card that offers a percentage cashback or certain amount of points per dollar spent.

But remember, you are only doing this sequence of events if you have first budgeted and saved up the cash and done your research. This way you can pay your card off in full as soon as the bill comes in.

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