Monday, May 3, 2010

100 Frugal Tips in 100 Days: Tip # 25

Tip # 25 Grow your own herbs & veggies

This is something that anyone can do, even if you start with only one plant! I don't really have the greenest thumb (and I don't even think I have a "greenish" thumb, considering the past 3 years I have had to buy a new basil plant at the beginning of each summer). Even though I spent $3 on a new basil plant each year for the past few years, I still saved a ton of money not buying basil leaves from the grocery store.

If you don't have access to a large area to garden, you can ask your friends/neighbors/co-workers what they grow, and you could pick something different and then exchange herbs/veggies with them. When you grow your own herbs and vegetables, it's easy to have an overabundance when they start to grow!

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