Sunday, June 27, 2010

Frugal Trip to the Mall........without coupons?

I met a friend at the mall on Saturday to check out Ann Taylor Loft and J Crew since we heard they were having some sales. I did a quick online search for coupons before leaving the house but couldn't find anything. I ended up buying something at every store we walked in to.....thankfully we only went to 4! It helped that every store we went into had an additional 20-40% off clearance items! Here is the breakdown.

1 pair jeans
1 button down short sleeve shirt for work
1 pair cute dressy flip flops
Spent: $8.70
Retail: $79.50
Long, hooded, cream wraparound sweater
Ann Taylor Loft
Spent: $22.88
Retail: $84.50
1 green T for work
1 pair (super comfy) jeans

J Crew
Spent: $17.43
Retail: $69.99
long-sleeve beige wrap around cardigan
Total: $105.66 (within budget for the week!)
Retail Total: $386.99
Also - I don't need to buy any more jeans or green shirts for at least a year!!

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