Saturday, June 5, 2010

Best Ever Frugal Day

Today was quite possibly my best ever frugal day.

Ironically we spent more money today than we have in our entire lives. But that's only because we bought our car. We leased a car back in our "pre-frugal" days, immediately after we got married and moved across the country.

So we started out today going to the dealership to try to get a better price than I was able to get on the phone with the leasing company. And guess what??? We did! We saved $221!! After we bought our car, we swung by the post office so I could mail an old PT school book that I sold on made a profit of $48!!

Then I went to Walgreens where I took advantage of their B1G1 Nivea body wash deal with a B1G1 coupon from the June All You magazine. I got 2 bottles of Nivea body wash for a total of $0.60!!!! I saved $12! After Walgreens, I swung by Food World to get a free roll of paper towels ($0.09 after tax) with a "Free" coupon I had.
Next up was Kmart where I followed my own advice, filled a new prescription, and got a Kmart gift card for $10 (which should come in handy at the next Kmart super doubles event!)

And finally, I went to Publix, where I spent $24.43 and saved $68.47!

Spent: $24.43
Saved $68.47

3 Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers broccoli
2 Pillsbury Pizza crust
3 packs Yoplus yogurt
1 Uncle Ben's Ready Rice
1 Sweet vidalia onion
1 Red Baron Pan Pizza
1 Publix bagged salad
2 boxes Crystal Light Immunity
1 box South Beach Living bars
2 Knorr pasta sides
4 bags Beggin' Strips
4 boxes College Inn chicken broth
1 Dial for Men body wash
2 Infusium (Shampoo & Conditioner)
1 Publix Chocolate syrup
1 Thomas whole wheat English Muffins
1 Hunt's ketchup

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