Thursday, June 3, 2010

100 Frugal Tips in 100 Days: Tip # 56

Tip # 56 Limit your eating out

Or use a coupon when you do. We rarely eat out, but last weekend we ate at 4 (gasp, FOUR!) different restaurants. We had a friend in town, and that is one of the rare occasions that we will eat out. If you do frequently eat out, I recommend purchasing an entertainment book for your town which often have B1G1 or B1G1 50% off coupons in them. Many students (from grade school to grad school) sell these books and they are usually about $20. also frequently offers giftcards you can purchase for 80-90% off. The catch with these is that they usually require your "food purchase" to reach a certain amount in order to use it (i.e. $20 gift card with a $30 food purchase). They almost always exclude drinks. BUT, if you're already planning on going to a particular restaurant on the list, it's certainly worth it. You won't get anything for free but you'll get a decent discount.

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  1. This one, as you know, is my EXTREME weakness. It's so hard to get motivated to make stuff for just yourself. (or at least for me)