Saturday, March 5, 2011

Weekly Savings

In addition to my CVS Izze madness, I also went to Dominick's and Jewel this week.

Spent: $19.93
Saved: $40.20 Bought:
5lb box of clementines
3 cans tuna
2 Lipton pasta sides
2 steaks
3 bottles Ken's salad dressing
2 jars Pace salsa
1 loaf wheat bread
several heads of broccoli

Spent: $21.84
Saved $42.32

4 boxes spaghetti
27 cans of tuna
12 bags of egg noodles
4 boxes ziti/rotini
8 cans of Red Gold tomatoes with chili peppers/cilantro
1 red pepper
2 sweet onions

I'm so excited because we were literally on our last box of pasta! I had been waiting and hoping for a good sale to stock up! (I'm used to getting it for free or close to free at Publix). Also, I've been on the lookout for egg noodles to go on sale FOREVER and they are usually never included in the sale. Each bag was only $0.50 (after coupons) so I figured I better stock up!

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