Monday, February 28, 2011

Izze Obsession

A few weeks ago Izze's went on sale at CVS so I bought a few 4-packs of them to try them. I fell in love with them! They were instantly my new favorite drink. I consumed them all in a matter of days and have been waiting patiently for them to go on sale ever since.

So you can imagine my excitement Sunday when I found out they were on sale at CVS this week for $3!! I had some ECB's leftover from before so I figured out a couple of scenario's where I could buy a few other items that produced ECB's and save even more money on the Izze's (plus come away with some ECB's so I didn't diminish my stock).

We got to CVS and *gasp* they were out of Izze's! I asked the guy if they had any anywhere else in the store, and he checked the stock room for me. He came out with the glass 4-packs...which were not the ones that were on sale :( They were actually double the sale price. I apologized to him for wasting his time, and said I was looking for the ones that were on sale. He said because they didn't have the cans in stock, he would give me the bottles for the sale price!

This was especially awesome because the bottles were bigger than the I was getting more for my money! I was thrown off by this, so it messed up my scenario that I had worked out with coupons and ECB's before going to CVS, but I didn't care. I actually ended up spending more out of pocket, but I was getting Izze's on super sale so again, I didn't mind.

I ended up with about $15 in ECB's after this trip, so we ran into another CVS and they had the cans in stock. I bought four 4-packs of the cans and still ended up with $6 in ECB's leftover.

Spent: $24.57 (yikes!)
Saved: $55.86!!!
Received: $6 in ECB's

5 4-packs of Izze bottles
4 4-packs of Izze cans
2 Crest toothpaste
2 Oral B power toothbrushes
1 Revitalens contact solution

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