Saturday, February 26, 2011

Target Finals

So, after my first huge success trip to Target, I kept thinking about all of the awesome deals they were having with the buy 7 frozen items, get a $5 Target gift card sale. Paired with coupons and gift cards from previous transactions, I realized I could get a lot of free or ridiculously cheap food. And the best part? Every time I bought 7 items, I got another $5 Target gift card!

So I went back 2 additional times and scored some pretty awesome deals. I didn't get a picture of my 2nd trip but I did get one of my 3rd trip.

Trip #2:
Spent: $3.50
Received: $10 Target Gift cards
Bought: 14 bags Steamfresh frozen veggies, 1 Vaseline Lotion for Men

Trip #3:
Spent: $1.61 (I couldn't help but smile when the cashier said this was my total!)
Received: $10 Target Gift cards
Bought: 6 bags Steamfresh frozen veggies, 8 Tony's pizzas, 2 Dentyne Pure 3-packs of gum, 1 set wall hangers for our living room mirror.

The extra good news? Our freezer isn't even full!! So for $12.73 OOP (out of pocket) including tax I got:
24 bags of frozen veggies
8 Tony's pizzas
10 Smart Ones frozen meals
2 three-packs of Dentyne gum
1 pack wall hangers
1 Vaseline for Men lotion
1 pair of jeans
And I still have two $5 Target gift cards leftover!!

Thanks Target!!! The sale ends today...anyone want to take any wagers on if I'll go back a fourth time???

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