Wednesday, March 2, 2011

February Challenge Weeks 3 & 4

Eek! Sorry I've been slacking on posting about the remainder of my February Challenge...I'm sure all 3 of my readers have been waiting anxiously for the results!

Week 3: Not so great :( We would have only spent 66% of our budget during week 3 but we found khaki's on sale and Tom desperately needs new khaki's so we bought 3 pair...making us spend exactly 100% of our budget.

Week 4: We still managed to save SOME money, but spent 56% of our budget.

Overall I think I would call our February Challenge a success! While I didn't save 2/3 of the budget like I was originally hoping to, we still saved some money every week (except for week 3). This is a huge improvement because (like I mentioned in my first post), we consistently spend 100% of our budget every single week. If we can turn this February Challenge into a monthly event, I'm hoping we can sock away more money every week and reach our goals a little faster!

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