Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Couches!

This is how frugality can pay off...and be fun! We've been saving money and sticking to our budget for a solid few years now. I've wanted new couches for more than a few years now, but we were patient and kept saving because, let's face it, new couches are most definitely NOT a priority, let alone a necessity.

We are so thankful to Tom's sister for the sectional that we have now. And we have certainly gotten our use out of it! But honestly it's very old and Bailey's hair gets intertwined in the fabric SO easily. The mattress in the sleeper sofa has worn thin and if you sit too "forcefully" in the corner of the sectional it sounds like the whole thing might break. When we moved here I tried to take the cushion covers off thinking I would somehow try to clean them. I unzipped the covers only to find that taking them off would result in completely ruined cushions. The foam had disintegrated and is in a million tiny pieces.

Soooo, we decided it was finally time to buy new couches. It was definitely warranted and we had saved the money to pay cash for them. Originally we wanted to get another sectional, but not knowing the setup of our future (yet-to-be-determined) living space, we opted for a couch (sleerer sofa) and a matching loveseat.

We found a set that we both really liked and bought them a few weekends ago. They are being delivered on today and I can't wait! I would love to say that we're not going to let Bailey on the new couches....but really, who am I trying to kid?

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