Thursday, April 17, 2014

Day 3

Ugh. So I got these free "well loved" diapers from Cotton Babies last November when they sent them to me by accident instead of the diapers I ordered. They just told me to keep them, so I thought "Sweet free diapers!" although they needed some work. I had to replace the elastic in each leg and the back of all four diapers and the velcro was shot and nasty, so I decided to remove all of the velcro and convert them to snaps.  I have some snaps, but I didn't realize how many I needed, so enter today's first purchase, $9 spent on snaps to convert these diapers. (Although that's not really bad considering each diaper new costs $18 and I'm converting 4 for $10 total (estimating elastic cost of $1).

Then Target had another awesome deal I couldn't pass up, so I ran in quick on the way home from an EI kid. Spent $11.35, saved $32.01, and received a $10 Target giftcard. Bought 1 pack of Charmin, 2 packs of Bounty, and one Degree deodorant.

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