Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Day 2 AND Deal of the Week: Target

Y'all.  This is bad. Yes, I said "Y'all."  That's how bad today's spending was.  It started off innocently enough, a nice little morning trip to Target, which was awesome by the way. I now never want to go to Target any other time than at 8 am. 

Spent $19.49 
Saved $41.35

We dropped Bailey off to get her teeth cleaned at the vet, and that was quite expensive, however that was kind of budgeted so I'm not going to include that in our totals.

I had been eyeing this storage ottoman from Amazon for some time now.  We don't really have any extra space in our living room for a giant ottoman, but Adam's toys are quickly growing out of control (and have already outgrown my DIY storage area, but I still love it and will continue to use it).  So anyways, it went on sale, and we had a giftcard we had been saving, so it ended up being $92. I was hoping to use $30 worth of rebate prepaid cards I had but apparently Amazon only lets you split the payment between one giftcard and one credit card, so I will have to use those cards for something else.  The ottoman retails for $250 though and will hopefully be a permanent fixture for many years to come so it was well worth it. 

I feel like the last 2 days are a pretty inaccurate portrayal of my spending. I mean, yes, I've been spending more, but I promise I usually don't drop over $100 a day ;)

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