Sunday, October 24, 2010

Walmart: Not Frugal, Not Fun

Not frugal because they overcharged me. Not fun because their customer service is terrible!

I have never been a "fan" of Walmart, but I must confess that I continue to shop there because it is so convenient (literally less than a mile from where we live) and usually pretty cheap. I don't do the bulk of my shopping there, but I will run in if we are out of something or need eggs, creamer, etc, because it is usually cheaper there than anywhere else. From now on, I'm making a pledge to avoid Walmart like the plague. I think it's time I jump on the Hating Walmart bandwagon and never look back. (I mean, there is a reason why Google produces 271,000 results when you type in "I hate Walmart.") Here is a copy of the lovely letter I filed on their website:

Dear Walmart,

I was in your Walmart (Store #1481, Transaction # XXXX) today (10/24/10) and I bought 19 of the Key Lime flavored waters (we thoroughly enjoy them). I did not count how many we had prior to our transaction, but I did count them along with the cashier as she was ringing them up. I counted 19. As the cashier handed me the receipt, I saw that she had charged us for 21 waters. I double counted the waters in the bags in my cart because I thought maybe I had miscounted. No, there were still only 19 waters.

By this time the cashier was ringing up the next customer, so instead of interrupting her I went over to the (already long) Customer Service line. I waited in this line for about 10 minutes, as there was only 1 person working at Customer Service (despite there continuing to be a long line of customers behind me). Finally, a Customer Service “Manager” came to help, and I happened to be the next person in line.

I explained to him that I had only purchased 19 waters (still all in my cart in case he wanted to count them) but I was charged for 21. He proceeded to try to refund me 3 waters, even though 21 minus 19 equals 2. However, he was unable to get the register to work (after about 5 minutes of trying) to refund the money on my debit card.

In the past when I have been overcharged (yes, this has happened several times at this Walmart), the Customer Service representative simply refunded the difference to me in cash.

The Customer Service "manager" said I would have to go to the next Customer Service representative/register, even though there were 2 other registers open next to him. I had already wasted 15 minutes of my life, simply to get the $1.28 + tax returned to me for which I had been overcharged. I did not feel like wasting any more time in this store because Walmart employees could not count, so I left, very upset.

It’s not about the money. I will certainly be able to put food on the table and I won’t lose my apartment just because Walmart stole $1.28 from me. It’s the principle of the matter, that not one, but two Walmart employees could not accurately count, and the amount of time I wasted in your store today was ridiculous.

There is a rapidly growing fan base against Walmart and I can easily see why. I certainly would rather go out of my way and spend more money than return to this Walmart and chance facing another unpleasant experience such as this one.



  1. Yay terse letters!!!! You know my love of a good terse letter (or email)!!!

  2. I thought you would appreciate that Kelly!!