Wednesday, October 27, 2010

5 Purchases I don't regret

Regardless of how frugal you are or how much you try to save money, there are definitely some things that are absolutely worth spending money on. Here are my top five.

  1. Bailey. I love, love, love our dog. She didn't really cost a lot of money ($75 from the shelter) but all of the things that come along with owning a dog certainly add up. We've actually been pretty fortunate in that she's a pretty low maintainence and so far (knock on wood) we haven't had any emergency vet visits.

  2. Our tv. I watch a decent amount of tv. I really enjoy it and it helps me unwind. Plus sports are awesome in hi-def.

  3. My netbook. I was kind of going back and forth on getting one, but I'm really, really glad I did. I'm definitely getting my money out of it.

  4. Our apartment. We could definitely live in a smaller place or different area and pay less in rent. It's all relative, as what we pay now is equivalent to what I paid in Philadelphia and we easily have twice the space plus a few extra nice amenities (private outdoor space, use of the pool, tennis courts, W/D in apt, dishwasher). (Even though this will all be changing soon!)

  5. Our car. We didn't exactly do the smart thing with our first joint car purchase....we leased it. But our lease has ended and we purchased it outright. In the longterm we've paid more on the car than it's worth, but we learned our lesson and we really enjoy not having a car payment.

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