Saturday, October 2, 2010

CVS & Publix: Spent $22 Saved: $43.32 ECB: $5

I really am trying to keep my shopping to a minimum these days, but it seems I am a deal junkie. Plus, I really just got into the CVS game so it's fun to get a lot of quality products for dirt cheap.
Spent: $14.51
Saved: $24.85
2 New England Coffee
2 jars Pace salsa
1 box Fiber One bars
4 blocks of cheese
1 pack Cheese singles

Spent: $7.50
Saved: $18.47
Received $5 in ECBs to be used on my next trip to CVS. (So if you count the ECB, I actually spent $2.50 at CVS).
2 packs Tampax Pearl
1 Dawn dish soap
2 Olay face wash

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