Saturday, October 23, 2010

Publix & Walgreens

Two weeks ago I ran a morning full of errands, right up until the minute I hurt my back. I immediately went home and later went to the ER, and then I spent about a week on the couch and the past week readjusting to work, so I never got around to posting about my deals. The best deal I got was at Walgreens where I bought 2 Vicks Sinex products, used two $4 off coupons, spent $3 out of pocket (including tax) and received $5 in Register Rewards (RR) to be used on my next purchase at Walgreens.
That brings me to today, where at Walgreens I spent $3.44 and saved $21.41 and received $2 in RR to be spent at my next visit. Then I went to Publix and spent $3.26 and saved $12.13. I had some simple miscalculation errors on my part (I guess it shows that I haven't been couponing in 2 weeks?!) or I would have saved even more!
Publix Trip (on the left) Walgreens Trip (on the right)

Spent: $6.70
Saved: $33.54

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