Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Whip Your Grocery Budget Into Shape: Don't use EVERY coupon!

Welcome to the second major series of posts on Frugal Made Fun! Each week, I'll post 1-2 tips on how to develop your own plan to save money on groceries. I'm going to start with some of the most basic, easiest things you can do to save money, and then progress from there. You can take as much or little advice as you like. As the series progresses, a little more work may be involved, but you will definitely save more money.

Just because you now have lots of coupons certainly doesn't mean you have to use them all! Don’t feel the need to use a coupon if you’re not going to use the product! (unless it’s free and you're planning on donating it). I only use probably 1/4 of the coupons that I clip, but it's well worth it to clip all of them. You never know when a product is going to go on sale and with a coupon you can get it for a rock bottom price!

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