Sunday, September 12, 2010

Publix Trip & Tailgating Disaster (for the budget)

We did AWESOME this week with our grocery spending. I was true to my word and only stocked up on a few things at Publix because they were super cheap. Our tailgating grocery store/walmart/sam's/package store trips were a whole different story! And then when it's 95 degrees outside, feels like 106, you still have 8 hours until game time, and you have (awesome) friends who are willing to stop and pick up a tent on the way to the tailgate, you drop $120 in a heartbeat and it's worth every penny! (Especially when it decides to pour down rain later in the afternoon!!!)
Here are the Publix stats. I'm not even going to share with you the tailgating stats ;)

Spent: $10.84
Saved: $22.93

2 boxes Crystal Light drink mix
2 Bailey's coffee creamers
1 can of Pam
5 containers of cream cheese
1 bottle of canola oil
1 bagged salad

1 comment:

  1. Glad we could bring such joy to the tailgate. It was nice to have the shade, and the rain cover.