Saturday, August 21, 2010


I have quite the obsession with Publix. Every week I hope that they don't have anything good on sale so I won't have to spend money that week......and then that week ends up being a bigger shopping trip than usual! I can't really complain though, because we did stock up on a lot of things at rock bottom prices (like $0.35 for Lysol and $0.40 for canned tomatoes).

Spent: $42.42 ($33.72 not including the beer)
Saved: $69.03

2 boxes Hefty garbage bags
2 bottles Lysol disinfectant
1 6-pack Octoberfest
6 cans Hunt's diced tomatoes
2 jars peanut butter
1 20 ct Excederin
1 3-pack Dial soap
4 packages Feta cheese
1 Green Giant Valley Fresh steamers veggies
1 Macaroni Grill frozen entree
1 box Fiber One bars
1 box Fiber One cereal
1 jar Olive Oil
3 bags New England coffee
1 bag salad
I also went to Aldi and bought some fruit, eggs, and bread. And I'm thinking I'm going to make this (Strawberry Salad with Mozzarella Pesto Grilled Cheese) for dinner tonight. I can't wait!

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