Sunday, August 8, 2010

I can't stay away from Rite Aid

So, once again, as of last night I had no plans to go to Rite Aid today. I did need to run by Walmart and pick up a new bottle of iron pills. I figured I would check the flyers first to see if they happened to be on sale anywhere. Turns out, they were! Rite Aid was having a B1G1 (buy one, get one free) sale on them. So I looked through the flyer, searched online for some coupons, and checked a couple of blog posts to make sure I could maximize my deals. And boy did I ever. I got all of this below for a total of $6.43! AND THEN I got home and saw there was a peelie on one of the Curel bottles of lotion. I particpated in a 5 minute online survery for them and am now anxiously awaiting a $15 prepaid gift card in the mail!!

Curel: $5 each
Crest: $2.69
Nature Made: $8.29
Nature Made: $4.79
$30.17 + tax
Minus $4.79 (free Nature Made with sale)
Minus $5/25 printable Rite Aid coupon
Minus $1 Nature Made Coupon
Minus $1 Nature Made Coupon
Minus $3 (3 Curel coupons)
Minus $0.75 Crest coupon
Minus $3 +Up Rewards earned last week
$12.23 (including tax)
Minus $5 SCR (single-check rebate) for buying 3 lotions
Minus $2.69 SCR Crest toothpaste
$6.43 Total!!
And I am going to receive a $15 prepaid gift card in the mail!!

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