Thursday, August 19, 2010


Are you familiar with Groupon? I keep hearing everyone rave about it but haven't really had the opportunity or desire to check it out......until today! The groupon deal (today only) is a $50 gift card to the Gap for only $25. That's 50% off!!!

How it works: Every day Groupon offers different deals for 50-90% off! The catch? Enough people have to purchase the deal for it to work (it's kind of like buying things in bulk). If not enough people purchase it, you will not be charged, and you will not get the deal.

As I mentioned above, today's deal is for the Gap, however a lot of times the deals are city-specific and will be to restaurants, theaters, spas, stores, etc in your hometown.

And remember, as with anything else when it comes to being frugal, only purchase the deals if you were already planning on spending money on that particular item! Good luck!

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