Friday, January 7, 2011

We interrupt this regularly scheduled programming.... tell you that I am 100% overwhelmed with life and I'm going to be taking a break from obsessive couponing and blogging about everything. If you didn't notice, there was no Menu Plan Monday post this week because I didn't even plan our meals for the week! (Luckily we had a TON of leftovers from the weekend and for the rest of the nights we were able to eat out of the freezer).

I feel like my life shouldn't be this busy....AT ALL. I'm 30, happily married, no kids, great job, great family, and great friends. I definitely wouldn't say that I'm stressed out, but somehow my life got BUSY! I miss being bored!! (but only for short amounts of time ;)
I'm going to stop trying to get "every deal" and really start shopping at only 2 stores, Dominick's and Aldi. I was on a CVS run for a while, but quite honestly I probably don't have to buy any toiletry items for another year! I think we'll be okay. Tom is going to get more involved in the planning process since we're trying to keep it simple. He says it's too "complicated" when I plan everything out...which I tend to agree as I think I have a slight control issue with couponing!

Anyways, here is when I realized how overwhelmed I was on Sunday when we got an extra paper delivered to our door and then we got the "Weekend Spanish Paper" that had coupons in it as well.

There still may be sporadic posts when I have time and don't feel obliged to blog just because I'm supposed to blog on a schedule. In the mean time, I'm going to enjoy relaxing a little bit more!

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