Sunday, January 16, 2011

Good shopping deals pics though :(

We decided to run into Old Navy before our weekly Dominick's trip since they are having an extra 40% off of their clearance items. We got $185 worth of clothing/stuff for $56. I think my favorite deal was a halloween costume for Bailey for $0.74 (Oh I forgot, I did get a pic of this)!

Then I went next door to Bath and Body Works to check out their sale items since I received a gift card for Christmas. I got $74 worth of candles, socks, and hand sanitizer for $23, paid with the gift card, so nothing OOP.

We saved 56% at Dominick's....spending $45 and saving $55. We bought A TON of veggies, some juice, eggs, milk, tea, bread, yogurt, cereal, napkins, and Qtips (we were out).

Not too bad at all but still more than I'd like to spend in a week! Although we don't typically make trips to Old Navy every week if you subtract that from the total I feel a little better.

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