Saturday, January 15, 2011

Just what I needed!

It's amazing sometimes how things work out perfectly if you just stop trying so hard! I had been trying to skim all the flyers/deals of local grocery stores and find the best deals at each store instead of focusing on just one. After one week of forgetting the rest of the stores and concentrating on shopping at just one store, I think I have cured my grocery store blues!

We chose Dominick's to be our main grocery store, mainly because it's cleaner/nicer than the Jewel that's right around the corner from us, but also because they accept expired coupons (up to a year!) and have ecoupons on their website that you can load onto your shoppers card and sometimes stack with regular coupons.

So last weekend we went through the Dominick's flyer, gathered and loaded our coupons, and went shopping. Our cart was literally overflowing and I thought I might have a panic attack because of the amount I thought our bill was going to come to! It was a HUGE trip, so we spent a lot, but we saved a lot too and every trip won't be quite as big. We spent $98 and saved $134. I really wish I would have snapped a pic, but I didn't think I was going to blog about it so I didn't.

I also went to CVS and got three 4-packs of Starbucks Frappacino's and two 4-packs of Izze's for $5.95 plus tax and I received $10 in ECB's for my next trip!

We have another Dominick's trip planned for tomorrow. Lots of veggies are on sale so I'm not sure if our savings will be more than what we spent, but that doesn't matter as much as getting the things we need for a decent price and not having to get stressed out about trying to find the "best deal" at every store!

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