Sunday, March 25, 2012

CVS Quarterly Update

I decided it would be fun this year to keep track of how much money I actually spend (as well as how much I save) at CVS. Here are my First Quarter Stats :)

Began with $5 in ECB's, $10 CVS Giftcard from purchases last year, $50 CVS giftcard (from cashing in credit card reward points)
Total Spent (On giftcards): $56.33
Spent OOP (Out of Pocket): $4.39
Saved $178.10
Total ECB's Received: $55 in ECB’s

So basically I've only spent $4.39 of my own money for $234.43 worth of merchandise :D Also, I submitted for $15 worth of rebates so when I receive those checks I will use them as "free CVS money" to keep my OOP cost minimal. Also, I'm only a few credit card points away from being able to submit for another free $50 giftcard :)

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