Sunday, November 6, 2011

Deals of the Week: Dominicks and CVS

Another good week! Didn't buy a whole lot in terms of actual "groceries" but did score some good deals! I've been on the lookout for some glass "tupperware" containers for a while. Dominicks was having a sale on them, and I had a measly $1.50/2 coupon so I figured I would just bite the bullet and buy 2. Well, when I went into the store, each of the containers had coupons inside!! And good coupons too! $3 off for the "big" containers and $1.50 for the "smaller" ones.Spent $27.45

Saved $46.36

And over at CVS (we were out of Pledge!!) Spent $6 (Would have been $16 but I used a $10 giftcard I bought from Savemore for only $5!! So technically I spent $11, still a good deal!)

Saved $40

Received $15 in ECB's!!

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