Sunday, July 3, 2011

Weekly Savings

Wooo wooo! Stopped at Jewel after my birthday dinner because I had some cheese coupons that were expiring that day and there was finally a good sale to match them up with!Spent $5.66
Saved $47.40
Received $7 catalina (coupon) to use at my next visit at Jewel!

Also, here's the rest of our shopping trip from this weekend: Jewel (again), Dominck's and Aldi. I normally don't post everything we buy each week, just the best deal shopping trips (I always leave Aldi out), but today I figured, what the heck? Here's everything!

Jewel Trip #2

Spent $8.73 (used $7 catalina from last trip)

Saved $23.40

Received $12 catalina to use at next visit


Spent $45.74

Saved $60.85

(These numbers will actually end up being a lot better because I'm submitting for a $10 meat rebate and a $5 Gas Gift Card from the cereal. So it will be more like Spent $30.74 Saved $75.85).


Spent $23.59

Saved $5ish??? Who knows but everything was pretty cheap!!

So total spent this week $83.72, total saved $136.65, received $12 off next visit to Jewel and will be receiving $10 rebate from ground beef purchase at Dom's and $5 gas gift card from cereal purchase at Dom's.

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