Saturday, July 30, 2011

Deals of the Week: Jewel & CVS

I didn't post last week because #1 I had to work all day Saturday and I was exhausted, #2 our internet went out sometime Saturday and wasn't restored until Tuesday night (crazy storms), and #3 to be honest I'm not even sure I scored any good deals! We've been doing a little grocery shopping here and there but haven't had many big trips in the past couple of weeks...which has actually been kind of nice, because in return we haven't been spending much money (and our previous stockpile has allowed us to be just fine and not really need anything except milk and fresh stuff). Anyways, here are our Jewel and CVS trips from this past week.

Spent $9.18
Saved $ 11.40
Received $1 coupon to use on next visit


I cashed in some credit card reward points to get a $50 CVS giftcard. I wonder how long I can stretch it out for!?

Spent $10.35 (On gift card, so $0 OOP)

Saved $26.53

Received $17 in ECB's

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