Saturday, December 11, 2010

Weekly Savings

I should start calling this "Weekly Spending!" I went to A LOT of stores again this week, but there were a bunch of good deals on meat so I figured I better stock up! Also, once I start work next week I won't have as much time to run to 100 different stores to get all the best deals.
Here we go:
Dominick's Trip # 1 $16.05
I combined Frugal Tip Numbers 13 and 15 (Freeze perishables and Stock up!) I divided up the meat into 1-meal-portion-sizes in small ziplock bags, then put 6 bags in each large freezer bag to protect against freezer burn. I also used a pound for dinner on Sunday night, so $16.05 worth of meat will stretch into about 13 meals for us!
Jewel Trip #1 - $5.52
Nothing fancy about this trip, just a few things that were on sale.
Below is a combined picture of the 5 stores that I went to while participating in my own "Super Errand Monday." I wasn't really planning on going to this many stores (if any) but some Chicagoland Frugal Bloggers were posting about really good deals! I spent $36.06 (with tax). My favorite were the 12 Nestle Nutcracker chocolates I got from Walgreens...all I had to pay was tax! Don't tell Tom, because they are going to end up in his stocking for Christmas :) (They were on sale for 3/$1 and I had two $2/3 coupons from last Sunday's paper. I bought 12, they totaled $4, I used 2 coupons, and Voila! Free chocolate :)
Jewel Trip #2 $2.79 (Left)
Target $9.40 (Received $5 Target GC for next purchase) (Top Left)
Aldi $10.24 (Top Right)
Dominick's Trip #2 $13.21 (Bottom Center)
Walgreens $0.39 (Bottom Right)

Total: $57.63

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