Monday, July 16, 2012

Deals of the Week: CVS and Dominick's

We were out of town all weekend for a wedding so we didn't do any shopping, but I took today off to get caught up on some things and I made up for not shopping all weekend! 

And yes, that is a lot of cheese and bacon!  But for $0.75/pack of cheese (normally $3.99) and $1.24/pack of bacon (normally $6.99) I couldn't pass it up!!  And they both freeze so well!   AND I only used one paper coupon!! I saved 73%!!!
Spent $31.38
Saved $81.87

The magic coupon machine printed out a few good coupons to let me score some awesome deals.
Spent $1.56 (on giftcard, only $0.43 before tax!!)
Saved $26.85
Received $8 in ECB's and a coupon for a free bottle of contact solution!


  1. Every now and then, CVS will have a deal on gift cards - are those worth it?

  2. Hey Kajal! Sorry I just now saw your comment. In my opinion it depends on the gift cards. If you can get a CVS giftcard, then it's worth it. I just treat the giftcard like ECB's that never expire!
    I've bought other giftcards before (if there was an ECB deal) if they were for something that I absolutely knew we would use at some point (Old Navy).
    Otherwise I don't tend to do the giftcard deals unless there are some really good sales associated with it. Hope this helps!

  3. Thanks! I always wondered about those and who better to ask than you! This helps!