Sunday, September 11, 2011

Deal of the Week: Jewel Fun!

I wasn't planning on going grocery shopping today, but we got some Jewel coupon booklets in the mail and I had a few "$1 off your next shopping trip" coupons to use up by Tuesday. I scanned the flyer, gathered my coupons, and spent a few minutes making a list. I'm so glad I went because I scored some awesome deals!!

They had random 6 packs of beer taped together that were on clearance for $3. I probably would have just rushed right by the cart, but the Sam Adams caught my eye...Tom's favorite beer! So for $0.50/beer I couldn't really pass it up!
Spent $23.77
Saved $40.72 (the savings from the beer didn't get added up in the savings area of the receipt, so really I probably saved closer to $52)

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